About a Sprout

Hello! Thanks for visiting AboutaSprout.com  We are located in TEXAS and ship worldwide! We are so honored to have customers in over 180 countries!  All of our items ship from Fort Worth, Texas.

A little background on US:
We are a family owned and operated business.  We opened in 2012.  Our awesome customers have helped grow our shop to heights we never dreamed of.  THANK YOU ALL! 

A little background on ME:
My name is Lana Dildy.  I'm owner, operator, designer...and altogether "get-er-doner".  I opened About a Sprout on Etsy when I was 7 months pregnant with my second baby girl.  It was mainly a hobby at first, but turned into a full time job within 2 months of opening.  So incredibly thankful for the support and business of our customers!  We quickly expanded off of Etsy and have loved every moment of the ride and growth.  We are still on Etsy, if you prefer to shop over there! 

Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns or requests! We love hearing from you!

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